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Nom de l'événement How To Accelerate Your Internet broadband Connection - Getting The Most Out Of Your Internet
Description de l'événement Broadband may be among the fastest types of Internet connection ever invented, however for many people, it doesn't mean the short download speeds or limitless information & data that they would expect. Huge numbers of people need to endure really low quality Online connections because of the manner in which their PC will either not be able to properly connect with their ISP (Isp), or have some kind of trouble with the settings / options of the system, preventing their computer from being able to connect with the Internet properly. If your Internet is running slowly, the good thing is that you could speed it up really fast using the steps outlined on this page.


If you wish to make broadband connections improve your speed, you need to be in a position to repair any of the potential issues that your pc may have. You can do this by following via a number of steps to fix the different problems that may cause the errors to first show. More specifically, the problems that'll be causing your Internet connection to run slowly includes the likes of:

Windows won't be able to see its settings correctly
Your PC will have some sort of problem with its browsers
Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) isn't providing fast enough Internet connection

How you can Fix Slow Broadband Connection Issues

The first steps to fix the slow broadband connection issues on your computer would be to make certain you're getting the correct Internet speed to your system. This can be done by clicking onto a website called "" and then letting the exam commence. This can test the rate of the connection, ensuring that you're obtaining the correct speed of download to your system. If you're getting slow connection speeds on this test, it will typically imply that you're getting slow Internet speeds from your Internet provider - and really should ensure they are able to run smoothly again.

The next thing to do to fix this problem is to make sure that your computer is just running one program (your internet browser). Most people have no idea this, but having several application running at once will in reality deminish the speed from the Internet speed your computer will have, and make it look like your system will run a slower Internet connection. You are able to fix this issue by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE in your keyboard, after which removing the programs you aren't using.

Finally, you should also clean out any registry errors that the computer might have. These will reduce the Internet of your PC because the registry can be used to assist your system read from your desktop wallpaper to your newest emails - allowing your computer to run as smoothly as possible. If you have errors with the registry of the system, it will have all sorts of effects on your system - resulting in a large number of problems to show as a result. To fix this, you need to download a registry cleaner program and allow it to fix any of the errors that the computer might have inside - this will speed up the web considerably.
date / heure de l'événement 27/01/2012 11:47 à 27/02/2012 11:47
Type d'événement Chiens